Summer’s lease hath all too short a date


The summer holidays have come to an end, so we spent most of today (regretfully) preparing for school tomorrow – tidying bedrooms, packing up PE kits and school bags, putting the finishing touches to homework.

The fact that it was grey and rainy for most of the day seemed somehow appropriate, but it was comforting to be snuggled inside together, and we had good fun talking about everything we’ve done over the holidays … some golden memories to treasure up for the future.

The markedly cooler weather, the darker evenings, and now the end of the holidays tied up with our memories to make today feel like a farewell to summer, looking forward to the new season. This was especially noticeable on our gathering walk this afternoon – one of my favourite activities with the children. We go slowly along one of our regular walks, and as we go we each take it in turns to ‘find’ something we hadn’t seen or noticed before along that walk. Sometimes, it’s a literal finding, and I come home with a huge handful of natural treasures (as today), and other times it’s more lateral – like the graded rings around the dried-up pond showing its gradual decrease, or the black-spotted brown butterfly Honey saw, or all the birdcalls we hear. We found very few flowers in bloom today, but lots of fading leaves, seedheads and pods, and interesting twigs – and the first holly berries. There were lots of blackberries, too, but none of those made it home 🙂

I love autumn colours and textures – the subtleties of the fading greens, browns and russets set against the vivid, jewel-like berries.

The texture of the inside of this piece of bark, the contrast of the warm red-brown wood with the pale grey-green lichen fronds, whilst the two structures mirror each other particularly struck me … it triggered all sorts of ideas, not least of which was the trace of an idea of using the contours of the two as a quilting pattern …. but that’s for another day.

Ah well … time to plunge on. I suppose the next time I catch my breath, we’ll be staring down the barrel of Christmas.


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