Falling back


It’s *that* time of the year again.


The summer holidays are over, and summer is drawing to a close … and the days are getting shorter and darker. Correspondingly, I feel like I’m contracting my world around me, withdrawing and hoarding my resources against the long darkness ahead.

It’s been difficult picking up again with the start of the new term … I find my energy levels are low, and the effort to maintain the daily routine and manage the schedules of the house and family are taking almost everything I’ve got, leaving me little capacity for anything else.

I’ve retreated from writing almost completely … I simply can’t, at the moment, find the mental agility to tackle that particular world, my creativity focussed and channelled into the peacefulness of working with textiles and expressing myself in colour and texture rather than the written word.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel stressed by it … more accepting that as the year winds down, I move more slowly and I need this period of retreat and regathering to adjust to the demands of a new season. I need to strip everything back to basics, to reduce and concentrate my energy on the core of what is important and necessary, before I start to layer things back up again.

I know that after the equinox, when the season settles, when the new routines and schedules of the term are bedded in, that I’ll come back to writing, and that I’ll love it as much as I always did … but I’d rather wait a while, and let it come back to me, rather than push myself and end up with a null December because I’ve spent everything I have pushing myself beyond my capacities.

In the meantime, I’m just letting life flow on, going with it, and enjoying the things that I am doing, and letting the silence speak to me as it will.


One Response to “Falling back”

  1. That’s a beautiful photo.

    Hugs on the feeling that life is contracting, but good for you for choosing to accept where you are and what you need right now.

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