Somedays it just hurts

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12k trail run

12k trail run

Created 03.04.11 by Ellsea

with hills

I didn’t make my Wednesday run because of an event at school, so I was raring to go by this morning. Almost perfect conditions – it hasn’t rained for about a week, and the sun was just about coming out, but still only a couple of degrees.

Should’ve been a blast.

But no. It was one of *those* days when nothing is right. For the first km my thermal vest kept riding up, to the point I had to stop and take the stupid thing off – it was pretty bracing up on Sheets Heath. I don’t think I’ll be bothering with that again, no matter how cold it is – I was tempted just to abandon it trailside, but decided against littering 😉

And for the first 2km I had no lungs and no legs and it was a pure mental battle to keep myself going and not disappear down one of the many shortcuts home. The body went through the full range of aching ankles … ignore it, keep going. Oh, now my calves are aching. Stop whining and get on with it. Argh! Cramp! Thighs! I’m not listening la la la. Yuk. Puddle! Now my trainers are full of water. OFFS, stop being such a bloomin’ princess. I’m going to have to adjust my heart-rate monitor upwards, because the sound of the wretched thing beeping at me was driving me mental today, and made it even harder to keep on pushing myself. I felt like I was running like an old lady … of course, I am an old lady, but that’s no excuse 😉

I was trying to change my technique, as well, to suit the new shoes on the harder bits of trail – landing more further forward on my foot. When I got it right, I could feel the difference and it was good … but it’s going to take some working on to get used to and practicising – especially when I got tired, I lapsed back to the old way. And running is much easier when you’re not thinking about what you’re doing – I found that if I was thinking about my feet, I started looking down, and then my shoulders came up, and it was all terrible. GAH!

It doesn’t help that round here the runs offer 2 choices: uphill out/downhill back or vice versa. This one is uphill out – a long slow climb up to the 5km alongside the Basingstoke canal, with a brutal but short incline up onto the Curzon Bridges and then another climb up to the 5.5km mark. Thankfully, the good weather helped me along, and by the time I got to the 3km mark, everything had loosened up and the running was easy – I had glorious moments of just feeling like I could do this ALL DAY and enjoy it 🙂

Of course, coming back wasn’t quite downhill all the way … still some hills to deal with, but by that point I was a happy bunny and didn’t care much, even with the masochistic 1/2 km steep hill at 11km.

Really rubbish time at 1:37, but I’m counting it a win that I got round it, given my appalling mental state.


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