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I wrote last year that I felt like my world was contracting, and that feeling has carried on into the new year. It’s changed, though, so that it doesn’t feel like a negative experience, and has figured a lot in my thinking about the year ahead. Last year, and pretty much every year before that, […]

It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters, in the end Ursula Le Guin Something I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to teach myself, and failing to learn … stuck in an eternal eddy going round in ever-increasingly stressful circles. It’s November. […]

Now that Bella-blossom has started pre-school, I have mornings free … and my runs have got longer so that now I’m up to 10km at a time. And the longer I run, the more my mind runs off on tangents, thinking less about the process of running and more about ‘other things’ … I’m enjoying […]

Falling back


It’s *that* time of the year again.   The summer holidays are over, and summer is drawing to a close … and the days are getting shorter and darker. Correspondingly, I feel like I’m contracting my world around me, withdrawing and hoarding my resources against the long darkness ahead. It’s been difficult picking up again […]

June Review


This month’s writing has been massively disrupted by the World Cup, something I failed to factor into my planning Still, it only happens once every 4 years, and has been thrilling to watch (even if painful in parts ). The big changes for this month have been removing two items off my writing list – […]

Another year over and done with … where did all that time go? It seems only weeks ago since I was setting up my goals for 2009, and here we are, with the year ended and the chapters closed. I’ve decided that I’m not going to look back on the big list from the beginning […]

It’s been a BIG quarter for me, more on a personal level than in any other way. Regular readers will know that I’ve been happy recently   and coming out of that black hole has had a big impact on how I think and feel and work in all areas of my life, and it has been […]

I actually managed to get a good week in, last week, and am feeling remarkably well-balanced and settled at the moment. It’s a relief after feeling so off-centre for what feels like a long time. All lot of things fell into place for me over the last week, not least of which was a series […]

We had our first full week back at school, and I can’t believe how fast it shot past. It’s been a tough week for us all. After the comedown of last weekend’s excitement, it’s been all about getting our heads down and re-establishing routines and, for me, starting to tackle the holiday backlog of projects […]

We’ve had an absolute beauty of a holiday, and I’m slowly easing myself back into something approaching a routine with my work and writing. Wish you were here? A part of me still is, I think – certainly I’m still moving on slow-time and feel disinclined to re-engage with the dull, mundane doings of everyday […]