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Well, just under six months into their government, and the Conservatives have managed to offend just about every middle class parent in the country. Everyone knew cuts in public spending were coming, and everyone knew it was going to be harsh and that there would be losers in the process. But I think most people […]

With only a few days to go until the election, to say I’m an undecided voter would be an understatement. I will vote, simply because I believe that it’s a privilege to be able to do so, to exercise choice and free speech in a democratic society, but come polling day on Thursday, I really […]

“I can’t afford to be green. It’s a luxury for rich people.” A passing comment I overheard, that sparked a lot of thought the last few days. Not only about the simple answer to that question, but about all the myths and misinformation and downright confusion surrounding the whole issue. I guess there are two […]

So, last week, the Conservatives confirmed that, if elected, they will re-open the debate on fox-hunting with the aim of repealing the 2004 Hunting Act. The Hunting Act does also cover the hunting of stags and the coursing of hares with dogs, but it’s the fox that hits the headlines – invoking a strong and well-known image […]

“People feel they can rely on the irrational. It offers the only guarantee of freedom from all the cant and bullshit and sales commercials fed to us by politicians, bishops and academics. People are deliberately re-primitivising themselves. They yearn for magic and unreason, which served them so well in the past, and might help them […]

This week saw the UK lurch from the expenses debacle into the European and local council elections. Despite predictions that the expenses scandal would precipitate a high voter turnout to ‘punish’ politicians and send a clear message that these sorts of abuses won’t be tolerated, it looks like the turnout will be at a record […]

It’s been one of those days today. I took Honey and her best friend into town to see ‘Race to Witch Mountain’ – I enjoyed it rather more than I expected I would, which is a bonus, but it still wasn’t the greatest film I’ve ever seen – I thought that both The Last Mimsy […]

I’ve been a reader of Satish Kumar’s blog for a while now, and the current situation has reminded me of a post from last year, in which he examined “the relationship between Economy and Ecology. Just like Nature and Nativity, Economy and Ecology come from the same Greek root – oikos meaning home, nomos meaning management, […]

The last week has, in any terms, been pretty crappy and I’ve ended up getting totally derailed in so many ways and on so many different fronts it has been a real act of bravery to remind myself what it is that I’m doing and WHY it is that I’m doing it. Last Monday, I […]

I used to be a bit of a political firebrand in my youth (ha! quoth the graybeard), and ran the usual coming-of-age gauntlet of anarcho-communism. Actually, I still think anarchy and the ideal of mutual aid is actually a good one, so long as you take human beings out of the equation (at least until […]