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Perhaps not a conventional shadow shot ….. but today we had fun in the garden on a scorching hot day, looking at how shadows changed over the course of the day. Rumpus loved this! Every hour or so, he stood on the ‘X’ and I drew around his shadow with chalk … and we were […]

So Bella was playing on the swing, and I happened to have my camera in my hand, when I noticed some rather splendid shadows on the lawn …. I love the way they tell the story of what’s happening, and the stuctural qualities of the swing supports and the small greenhouse casting the other shadow […]

Snakeshead fritillaries flowering in my garden. This makes me happy.

The cabbages in my garden are overwintering very nicely … it’s fabulous having all this vivid greens like jewels against the dark earth, especially when it’s so grim and gloomy everywhere. More takes on the letter ‘C’ at ABC Wednesday

Can’t decide if it’s very late or very early … whatever the case may be, my rose’s optimism turns out to have been misplaced.

Nice! Logs delivered and stacked in the store, all ready for winter. Bring it on – I forecast cosy evenings by the fire …

Hebe Bee


I spent the best part of today in the garden, furkling about – a little weeding, a little transplanting, a little tidying up, a little harvesting … we had lots of bees on the antique lavender and its neighbour – this pretty hebe. It’s all grown up now, from a cutting I took from the […]

Running behind with posting the pictures, due to some connectivity problems this last week, now hopefully solved. I liked the contrast between the silvery, aged planks of wood on the bench and the diagonal lines of the paving beneath.



Calendula – just about my favourite flower. I love the bright cheerfulness of their orange blooms – the dark walnut of the shelf really highlights it –¬†AND Rumpus picked this one for me …

The garden has been busy whilst we’ve been away – I concentrated on the positive, so, rather than a picture of the bucket of caterpillars I picked off my devastated brassicas, I give you a picture of my beautiful roses, full blown. I only wish I could add the fragrance, which is just divine.