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We were out and about yesterday, and walking in the woods we came across a very strange root/tree formation. The children didn’t like them – they were scary, and Honey said ‘it looks like horrible faces’. I can see where she’s coming from – some of the shapes remind me of gargoyles, and I certainly wouldn’t […]

For this round, images from Otterton Church (nr Budleigh Salterton in East Devon). Perhaps not the most cheerful subject, but it was a lovely sunny day … So, G is for graves …. And gate …. (that Yew must be centuries old …) And glass … And gable … For other takes on the letter […]

Taken last week, when the snow was all fresh, new and exciting. For other monochrome moments:

Honey went riding today … I entertained myself taking photos around the stable yard, but oh my did my toesies get cold!

Scenes from the school run … Over the Basingstoke canal: Can you see the houseboat? Through the woods Hurry up, Mum! And past the playground … No, we can’t stop and play. And into school for the big children. On the way back, Bella & I pass the gloomy house, and spot red berries reflected […]

Oooooh, shiny!


We went to Alice Holt Forest today as we had glorious, glorious sunshine & I thought we should make the most of summer’s last hurrah. Obviously, I’m not quite done with the preoccupation with reflections as I have a whole series of images of reflections in this very shiny BMW (I’m just glad the owner […]

I love the bright colours of the milk van, so couldn’t resist taking a photo of it when we passed it on the school run today … I was pleased, too, with the reflection of the trees caught in the windscreen.

Morning light


  Walking to school this morning across Pirbright Common, the sun was quite low still, and just lit up all the spiderwebs in the gorse bushes. The effect of that illumination was absolutely astonishing and quite, quite beautiful. I’m not sure that this photo does it justice, but it’s as close as I got.



Honey loves horses – sadly, prohibitive expense means that she only gets to go riding once a month. Next year, she’ll be old enough to start her BHS awards and help regularly at the stables – Cliff Hatch – and can ‘t wait to be more regularly involved. Her lesson is the last of the […]

We see a lot of these signs – most of the land around us is MOD training grounds. Do NOT touch suspicious objects ….