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Back home from my holidays … and getting myself moving again – hard to get out of that post-holiday lazing-along rut, sometimes. We went to Spain, one of my most-favourite places, and on the one rainy day we drove into Valencia for a bit of an explore. We’d planned just to go to the old […]

One of my favourite fairies, caught in the shadowy undergrowth of the ‘parc natural del Montgo’ ….

Montgo at sunset ….

Vertigo-inducing picture looking over the edge at the ruined fort at Granadella, over the other side of the Cap de la Nao in Xabia.

  No, of course it’s not really Blackpool, but the weather was so grimly English – cold, windy, raining – we thought it might as well be, shivering in our raincoats on a deserted beach.

  The most bizarre thing: late at night, wind and rain and the *most* spectacular lightning storm I have ever seen – pitch black, with the lightning flashes illuminating billowing clouds like the opening of the gates of hell, and the regular sweep of the lighthouse beam going round just underneath the cloud cover. And […]

On the sea wall around Xabia port ….

Down on the front at Xabia port on a Saturday night … taken without flash on my camera’s ‘night’ setting.

On the ridge above Xabia town is a row of crumbling medieval windmills (Molins) … most are collapsing, some have been partly restored. I liked the contrasts between the smooth blocks of the restored stairs and the ancient rough stone of the exterior.

Cabo di St Antonio – at the cape, beyond the lighthouse, in the nature reserve … cacti and other succulents are colonising abandoned structures.