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I posted a patchwork pattern I’d made a couple of days ago, and the sewing is now underway. I like to take ‘in-progress’ pictures as I sew along, and this is where I’m at as of this evening. I’m very much liking the combinations of colours and textures, and I can’t wait to finish it!! […]

I spent some time this evening working out a patchwork pattern & plan for a commission … is there anything more fun you can do with geometry?! 😀 The whole thing is only 45cm x 45 cm and has 68 individual pieces to it. This picture shows the full size template with numbering and markings […]

Immortal Jeans


So, I have these jeans. I love these jeans. They are the best pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. Red Herring, Slim Flare, bootleg, hipsters. The only thing is, they’re getting on a bit, and starting to disintegrate. I can’t allow that to happen. So. The Immortal Jeans Project: I will repair, patch, darn and […]

Children went back to school today, so it was back to work for me, too. All the cutting and piecing of the pattern is done for this patchwork tote bag … using the mineral grey tones of old denim & corduroy as a base, a good black cotton to line it, jewel-like fuschia silk for […]

Again, I couldn’t decide which photo to use today, so I’m posting two. An ‘inside’ day today, sorting through fabrics and trimmings and working out a couple of ‘mood boards’ for the autumn/winter textile pieces. The top picture, ‘forest fantasy’ is a blend of natural green tones that will work well with this seasons pale […]

Magpie’s Laundry is my (very) small business. Originally, I was a declutterer and a lot of my work came through local estate agents for people selling their houses. Most of the textile work I did was a sideline of that decluttering / home organisation business – always in demand, but never the main strand of what […]

Progress update for end of Q1 2009 . . . I think it’s overall been a pretty productive one, although as always I find it difficult to recognise my own achievements and focus on where I’m ‘failing’, even though I *always* think I’m going to get more done in a day than I ever do! […]

The last week has, in any terms, been pretty crappy and I’ve ended up getting totally derailed in so many ways and on so many different fronts it has been a real act of bravery to remind myself what it is that I’m doing and WHY it is that I’m doing it. Last Monday, I […]

I get so much satisfaction working with textiles, it’s an activity that absorbs me completely and that I enjoy so much – taking something from conception to completion and solving all the problems of design and material and construction along the way, and the opportunity to learn new techniques, to refine old ones and to […]

Progress report


Ah, well. In the flush of the first week, it’s of course been all positive! I haven’t really got cracking on the writing/editing front yet, as I’ve got a little bit of  a backlog to catch up on, but I’m into the routine of writing a piece for submission every other week, which has meant […]