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beware, hubris


So, after finishing up my planning last night, and confidently declaring my goals for this year, my list of things I’d like to get done, the universe reminded me that I was unlikely to get a plain go at it, and that I needed to expect the odd iceberg. I managed to acheive 1 objective […]

2009 targets


I’ve been turning these over in my mind for a few days now, giving myself a chance to prioritise and work out tasks vs time available (always a difficult balancing act), as my wish list is always a lot longer than the amount of time I ever have to do it all in. But I […]

2008 Review


Well, here we are at the end of another year, so I suppose it’s inevitable that I’m sat here takingĀ a moment to reflect on everything that has happened this year, before opening the ground of 2009 and setting my goals for next year. It’s been a funny year, with more than it’s fair share of […]



I’m trying to catch up with myself, and reassure myself that although I’ve been running about like a blue-ar**d fly I have managed to accomplish something, though it feels woefully like I haven’t. We survived last week. That is a major achievement, given the level of stress, illness and activity we had to get through. […]