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Another year over and done with … where did all that time go? It seems only weeks ago since I was setting up my goals for 2009, and here we are, with the year ended and the chapters closed. I’ve decided that I’m not going to look back on the big list from the beginning […]

It’s been a BIG quarter for me, more on a personal level than in any other way. Regular readers will know that I’ve been happy recently   and coming out of that black hole has had a big impact on how I think and feel and work in all areas of my life, and it has been […]

Progress update for end of Q1 2009 . . . I think it’s overall been a pretty productive one, although as always I find it difficult to recognise my own achievements and focus on where I’m ‘failing’, even though I *always* think I’m going to get more done in a day than I ever do! […]

The last week has, in any terms, been pretty crappy and I’ve ended up getting totally derailed in so many ways and on so many different fronts it has been a real act of bravery to remind myself what it is that I’m doing and WHY it is that I’m doing it. Last Monday, I […]

Progress report


Ah, well. In the flush of the first week, it’s of course been all positive! I haven’t really got cracking on the writing/editing front yet, as I’ve got a little bit of  a backlog to catch up on, but I’m into the routine of writing a piece for submission every other week, which has meant […]



I’m a huge fan of Christine Kane’s blog – what she has to say makes so much sense on so many levels, so her “resolution revolution” model seemed an absolutely perfect way to frame my intentions for the year ahead. She says that “The reason most resolutions don’t work is that they address only one […]

beware, hubris


So, after finishing up my planning last night, and confidently declaring my goals for this year, my list of things I’d like to get done, the universe reminded me that I was unlikely to get a plain go at it, and that I needed to expect the odd iceberg. I managed to acheive 1 objective […]

2009 targets


I’ve been turning these over in my mind for a few days now, giving myself a chance to prioritise and work out tasks vs time available (always a difficult balancing act), as my wish list is always a lot longer than the amount of time I ever have to do it all in. But I […]