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Well, Nanowrimo is over for another year, and I made over 55,ooo words altogether. I am seriously pleased with myself, especially as the last few days were a horrible, painful struggle for words in the face of almost complete physical exhaustion with a side order of stinking cold. I’ve got a massive start on the […]

It’s torture


I’ve been itching to write CONTAIN THIS HOUR for so long now, and I had last week scheduled out to start into it – a scene a day, over six days, would have given me pretty much the first couple of stories for the collection. Did it happen? Of course not. I couldn’t settle, couldn’t […]

I put my fear back in its box And I put the box where love is blind And I walk in the dark Where pain waits smiling And I know that I can’t leave I look at what I’ve become I’m a pure and perfect lie Like a blind man falling Scared and helpless And […]