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Back home from my holidays … and getting myself moving again – hard to get out of that post-holiday lazing-along rut, sometimes. We went to Spain, one of my most-favourite places, and on the one rainy day we drove into Valencia for a bit of an explore. We’d planned just to go to the old […]

There’s nothing quite like a little cat-nap …. I envy teh kitteh’s ability to sleep, even with all the uproar that is normal for our house, going on all around. I like this photo – the contrast of the textures, but all in those rich brown tones. And, of course, the splendid markings on our […]

 We’ve ben missing out on the snow hitting what seems like the rest of the UK (much to the children’s disgust) but it’s been unremittingly grey and bitter …. so what joy for sunlight this morning! The light over Pirbright Common is always fabulous on winter mornings, so I took my camera on the school […]



The world’s most unlikely firing squad …. as posed by Rumpus …. I love catching the odd image of a game in progress 🙂

The summer holidays have come to an end, so we spent most of today (regretfully) preparing for school tomorrow – tidying bedrooms, packing up PE kits and school bags, putting the finishing touches to homework. The fact that it was grey and rainy for most of the day seemed somehow appropriate, but it was comforting […]

I was puttering about in my attic sewing studio with my camera this evening, and when I came down I noticed that Rumpus had fallen asleep … with his blinds open, the wrong way round on his bed, and still wearing his soccer goalie gloves. It’s rare to see him at peace – he’s always […]

 As part of Rumpus’ recent birthday festivities, I took the children and their cousin on a London Duck Tour … a short trip on a bright yellow WWII amphibious landing vehicle around the streets of Westminster and Lambeth and up the Thames. Although I’ve lived in and around London for over 20 years now, I’ve […]

Perhaps not a conventional shadow shot ….. but today we had fun in the garden on a scorching hot day, looking at how shadows changed over the course of the day. Rumpus loved this! Every hour or so, he stood on the ‘X’ and I drew around his shadow with chalk … and we were […]

Groweþ sed and bloweþ med I love this time of year … the garden is suddenly bursting into life, with flowers all over. The veg seeds I’ve planted are sprouting madly, and – most importantly – the strawberry plants are smothered in flowers. I can almost *taste* the fruit … not long to wait now.

We had our own version of the ash cloud here today: On an otherwise gloriously sunny day, a cloud darkened our horizons …. word on the school street is that the army managed to set fire to one of their ranges (we have a number nearby), but because of the risks of unexploded ordinance, the […]