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There’s nothing quite like a little cat-nap …. I envy teh kitteh’s ability to sleep, even with all the uproar that is normal for our house, going on all around. I like this photo – the contrast of the textures, but all in those rich brown tones. And, of course, the splendid markings on our […]



The world’s most unlikely firing squad …. as posed by Rumpus …. I love catching the odd image of a game in progress 🙂

They say the recession’s coming to an end, but businesses are still closing round here. Today’s photo-walk took in some of the less scenic sights around here. The car dealership at the end of our road had been there forever, but the whole GM debacle has dragged it under. Something very desolate about the empty […]

Taken last week, when the snow was all fresh, new and exciting. For other monochrome moments:

No drama here, which is a relief after the last week of snow! Instead, we’re enveloped in fog …. See more interesting skies at Skywatch Friday

I’ve been looking for an excuse to post this! Lemurs at Marwell ZOO, taken a while ago, but given the weather today (more vile snow), I know just how they feel. More takes on the letter Z at ABC Wednesday

I’m having an exceptionally busy week, but loving it (more about it on my main blog), so my world is all about the love!! Added to which, my oldest, Honey, is away on a school trip from tomorrow and I’m going to miss her like crazy. So this bright heart is to remind me it’s not […]

Honey went riding today … I entertained myself taking photos around the stable yard, but oh my did my toesies get cold!

Can’t decide if it’s very late or very early … whatever the case may be, my rose’s optimism turns out to have been misplaced.

Snow day! Snowed in today! (No doubt ridiculous that 8″ of snow brought us to a halt, to those in climes more used to such events). No school for the children, so a lazy morning of loafing about in pyjamas, and me praying that the milkman would make it. (He did, eventually). Played in the […]