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It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters, in the end Ursula Le Guin Something I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to teach myself, and failing to learn … stuck in an eternal eddy going round in ever-increasingly stressful circles. It’s November. […]



The world’s most unlikely firing squad …. as posed by Rumpus …. I love catching the odd image of a game in progress 🙂

June Review


This month’s writing has been massively disrupted by the World Cup, something I failed to factor into my planning Still, it only happens once every 4 years, and has been thrilling to watch (even if painful in parts ). The big changes for this month have been removing two items off my writing list – […]

May Review


This year is dashing past far too quickly, and suddenly there’s another month vanished into the comforting rhythm of a regular routine. It’s good to take the time out to pause and reflect on where I am with my goals for the year, and how these are working with my intentional words of COMPLETE and […]

 As part of Rumpus’ recent birthday festivities, I took the children and their cousin on a London Duck Tour … a short trip on a bright yellow WWII amphibious landing vehicle around the streets of Westminster and Lambeth and up the Thames. Although I’ve lived in and around London for over 20 years now, I’ve […]

Goosey Goosey


The children had a day off school today – and for once we had glorious sunshine, so we went to Birdworld. Not that I have a thing about reflections or anything, but I loved this picture of the chatty geese.

The week started well, with me full of vim and vigour and totally focussed on getting back into a routine and getting the house sorted out and back to some sort of normal. Then, of course, the snow came down, the week slowly disintegrated as it became increasingly difficult to maintain any sort of routine […]

Another year over and done with … where did all that time go? It seems only weeks ago since I was setting up my goals for 2009, and here we are, with the year ended and the chapters closed. I’ve decided that I’m not going to look back on the big list from the beginning […]

Scenes from the school run … Over the Basingstoke canal: Can you see the houseboat? Through the woods Hurry up, Mum! And past the playground … No, we can’t stop and play. And into school for the big children. On the way back, Bella & I pass the gloomy house, and spot red berries reflected […]

Oooooh, shiny!


We went to Alice Holt Forest today as we had glorious, glorious sunshine & I thought we should make the most of summer’s last hurrah. Obviously, I’m not quite done with the preoccupation with reflections as I have a whole series of images of reflections in this very shiny BMW (I’m just glad the owner […]