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 We’ve ben missing out on the snow hitting what seems like the rest of the UK (much to the children’s disgust) but it’s been unremittingly grey and bitter …. so what joy for sunlight this morning! The light over Pirbright Common is always fabulous on winter mornings, so I took my camera on the school […]

We had our own version of the ash cloud here today: On an otherwise gloriously sunny day, a cloud darkened our horizons …. word on the school street is that the army managed to set fire to one of their ranges (we have a number nearby), but because of the risks of unexploded ordinance, the […]

Spent two hours this morning clearing snow off the drive so I could get the car out – the children “helped” and t’o-m supervised (and very nearly got a shovel in his head). The roads weren’t too bad once I got going, so acquired meds without too much bother. Groceries slightly more tricky – I […]

Snow day! Snowed in today! (No doubt ridiculous that 8″ of snow brought us to a halt, to those in climes more used to such events). No school for the children, so a lazy morning of loafing about in pyjamas, and me praying that the milkman would make it. (He did, eventually). Played in the […]

Surrey Snow


Our world is black and white today – at least until you look really hard for the colours. We enjoyed our snow day today.

Extreme weather here! This morning, it looked like this: But now we have this: I don’t think we’ll be going to school tomorrow – it’s forecast to keep on going all night! YAY! For more worlds on Tuesday, click here

Scenes from the school run … Over the Basingstoke canal: Can you see the houseboat? Through the woods Hurry up, Mum! And past the playground … No, we can’t stop and play. And into school for the big children. On the way back, Bella & I pass the gloomy house, and spot red berries reflected […]

Da Vinci


We went to see an exhibition today at the Woking Lightbox Gallery of Leonardo Da Vinci’s machines: absolutely amazing, to see working models made up from his sketches and to see how far ahead of his time he was in terms of his mathematical and engineering skills …. just astounding. My writerly instincts want him to be a time-traveller, […]