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Until I spent some time this evening reviewing my photo library, and in particular the pictures I took on this afternoon’s walk up on Bisley Common, I hadn’t realised how much I get caught up on the micro, detailed level rather than on the more macro views of the scenery … What I particularly noticed […]

June Review


This month’s writing has been massively disrupted by the World Cup, something I failed to factor into my planning Still, it only happens once every 4 years, and has been thrilling to watch (even if painful in parts ). The big changes for this month have been removing two items off my writing list – […]

May Review


This year is dashing past far too quickly, and suddenly there’s another month vanished into the comforting rhythm of a regular routine. It’s good to take the time out to pause and reflect on where I am with my goals for the year, and how these are working with my intentional words of COMPLETE and […]

April Update


I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland at the moment – dashing around with my eye on the clock muttering “I’m late, I’m late” as I try to get through everything. As a result it’s been a pretty up-and-down month … plenty of feeling stressed about keeping on top of everything, and the […]

Targets always seem to be a moveable feast for me, and I made a major under-estimate of the time I would need for HTRYN in this year.  Going forward, and based on all this work, I’m figuring that as things stand, my best estimate of the time I need per book is 4 months, so that […]

March Review


It’s been a funny old month – been feeling down and tired for a lot of it, not helped by screwing my back up and losing a week or so in the process. Writing 2 ) Finish STALKER edits and sub for critiques by the middle of Mar – deferred, because the Anneth revisions/HTRYN was […]

It’s been a busy week …. a lot of things went right, but Friday just seemed to bring down the whole week. So this feels like a useful exercise to remind myself of all the things I *did* get done, even on a short week. Writing 1) catchup on blog posts (Tues) –done 2) 4 scenes […]

Goals, week 5


Robin Hobb ate my life last weekend …. trilogy finished, I’m facing up to reality again! This week: Writing 1) catchup on blog posts (Tues) 2) 4 scenes on SERE (Thurs/Fri) Textile art 1) Finish background on the ‘Anthriscus’ piece 2) Magpies blog update 3) phone gallery on Friday to make appointment 4) work through […]

January Review


So January shot past in less than the blink of an eye … scarily too fast! It’s been a heavy month, trying to re-establish a routine after the long break on everything through December for me and for the children. I only just feel that I’m starting to get the house back on an even […]

Posting this a little late, and it’s all Robin Hobb’s fault! (or perhaps my fault, because I get sick if I can’t finish up a darned good read, and so everything got abandoned until the Soldier Son trilogy was done). Writing 1) 5 scenes on SERE (Mon/Tues/Thurs) – done 2) Post review of ‘Kingdom Come’ […]